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TNAB (Thursday Night Afterburners) Hiking group

You run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking...  TNAB Motto - or at least it should be...

These are the TNAB hikes. Click a hike for a map, driving directions, hiking directions and associated GPS data (tracks and waypoints).

Abiel Peak

Bandera Peak

Mount Defiance via the (old) Mason creek trail

Dirty Harry's Peak

Enchantments in a Day (Snow Lakes)

Granite Mountain

Kendall Peak (the old way via Kendall Peak Lakes)

Kendall Peak (the new way via the Pacific Crest Trail)

Little Si

Mailbox Peak

McClellan's Butte

Melakwa Lake

Mount Persis

Pratt Mountain

Rampart Ridge

Rattlesnake Ledge

Red Mountain via the (old) Cascade Crest Trail

Mt Si (Old Trail)

Silver Peak

Mount Snoqualmie

Tinkham from the South

The Trifecta (Silver, Abiel, Tinkham)


Tiger Mountain (T2)

Mount Washington

West Defiance

West Granite


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Last modified: 01/17/11