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Look here for GPS tools specially for the hiker: I've found that using my GPS while hiking in the mountains is a very frustrating experience - lost signals, terrible tracking, inconsistencies...  So I'm creating some software for the GPS enthusiast/hobbiest for creating, editing, fixing, modifying GPS tracks. Specializing in repairing partial tracks, tracks with bad or intermittent signal. Track averaging. Combining several partial, incomplete, or marginal tracks to create one correct track. Keep an eye on this space.

Trip Reports

Here are various reports from hiking and skiing trips that were otherwise memorable. Hope you enjoy them. Please email me with comments. Most but not all include GPS waypoints and tracks and other pertinent GPS info, often maps as well.

6/30/12 Ozette to Shi Shi Beach Hike

9/2/10 Hoh River to Third Beach - Backpacking

8/5/10 Persis to PersIndex Col Hike

8/30/08 Ozette Lake to Shi Shi Beach - Backpacking

7/12/08 Russian Butte, Revolution Point, Thompson Point Hike/Climb

3/2/08 Arrowhead Mountain Ski

1/26/07 Ski McCully Basin in the Eagle Cap Wilderness with Wallowa Alpine Huts guide service

8/28/07 West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island. Bamfield to Renfrew

7/19/07 TNAB Trifecta Hike (Silver, Tinkham, Abiel)

5/13/07 Twin Lakes Couloir near Tinkham - Ski

9/2/06 Rialto Beach to Ozette Lake - Backpacking

8/17/06 Twin Lakes/Lake Lillian/Margaret Lake/Mt Margaret - Backpacking

7/30/06 Tinkham peak east and west summits and Mirror Lake - Hike

7/1/06 Southwest Chutes on Mt Adams - Ski

9/30/06 Russ Jolley Horsetail Creek trail and The Mystery Trail Hike

6/29/06 TNAB Triple Crown (Tinkham, Silver, Abiel)

4/20/06 Lake Lenore Caves and Hiking "The Maze"

4/19/06 Steamboat Rock at Banks Lake/Grand Coulee - Hike

3/4/06 Humpback Mountain - Ski

2/26/06 Arrowhead Peak trip report - Ski

2/05/06 Archer Mountain, Archer Falls - Hike

12/28/05 Cascade Head Harts Cove Hike trip report

9/18/05 Rock of Ages Hike, Columbia River gorge. Devil's Backbone, Mystery Trail.

9/2/05 Oil City to Third Beach Backpacking trip report

6/13/05 Old Robe Canyon Hike trip report

xx/xx/83 The Mystery Trail Hike

Trails, Tracks, Hikes, Waypoints, Data files

Here are lots of hiking and ski trips, mostly in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. These include a little commentary, a map, GPS tracks, waypoints and other data.

Abiel Peak

Bandera Peak

Mount Defiance

Dirty Harry's Peak

Enchantments (Snow Lakes)

Granite Mountain

Kendall Peak (via Kendall Peak Lakes)

Kendall Peak (via the Pacific Crest Trail)

Mailbox Peak

Melakwa Lake

McClellan's Butte

Pratt Mountain

Rampart Ridge

Rattlesnake Ledge

Red Mountain

Mt Si (Old Trail)

Mount Snoqualmie



The TNAB Trifecta (Abiel, Tinkham, Silver )

Mount Washington

West Defiance

West Granite

TNAB hikes TNAB hikes

The Thursday Night Afterburners hiking group meets Thursdays (see TNAB) afternoons during the "season" (most of the time, sometimes even in the winter). We hike mostly in the I-90 corridor east of Seattle, WA. These tend to be steep, relatively short, more challenging hikes. Here a list of of the common hikes we do w/ maps, GPS tracks, data, and waypoints : TNAB hikes.

Other outdoor hiking and skiing and climbing resources

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