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Learn to identify minerals, gem, crystals, jewelry

This product is not yet available

The computer flashcard program includes over a 1000 stunning photos of minerals, gems, crystals and jewelry. You'll learn to identify over 200 different minerals. The photos include perfect examples, large and small, as well as less than perfect specimens that are harder to identify. Also included are polished forms, cut forms, and various artistic forms.  This educational tool is perfect for the rockhound who want to know what rocks he finds in the field. Perfect for the collector who and also for those who work with gems, crystals and jewelry.

Free Demonstration Version

Follow this link to download the free demonstration (Not yet available) version of the mineral identification flashcards. This program includes all the features of the full version but has a small subset of the 1000+ mineral flashcards. This is a great way to try out the program for free.


The computerized mineral identification flashcards include:

  • Over 1000 high quality photos
  • Multiple examples of over 200 minerals, in crystal, cut, polished and artistic forms
  • Cards are organized into categories: by color, crystal habit, crystal system, artistic form (polished, cut, etc.), variety.
  • You can remove cards in which you have no interest.
  • A hands-off feature quizzes you using a timer.

Click the Buy button to begin the payment process and download the Metatropo Mineral Identification computer flashcards.  $2.95 (plus tax for WA residents)

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows. This program will NOT work on a Mac. This product is not yet available


Selenite and Calcite

sample computer flashcards:



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