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MetaTropo Computer Flashcard Products

Metatropo educational software consists of a series of flash card programs.  Several of the flash card programs are free and new products will appear regularly.

Tarot Computer Flashcards. Learn to read the symbolism of the Rider-Waite Tarot

Computer Flashcards for Learning the Rider-Waite and Albano-Waite Tarot decks

Learn the meanings and symbolism of the individual cards, suits, royalty, major arcana cards, minor arcana cards. The program includes detailed pictures of each tarot card.

Yoga Computer Flashcards with Sanskrit audio

Yoga poses and their English names and Sanskrit audio

Learn the English and Sanskrit names of over 90 common yoga poses. This program includes audio of the Sanskrit names and images of each pose.

Japanese Kanji Computer Flashcards

Learn Japanese Kanji for English speakers. Three sets of computer flashcards teach the 1006 characters of the standardized Kyōiku Kanji that are taught to Japanese school children in grades 1 to 6. Also included are flashcards for learning the radicals that make up the kanji characters.
Computer Kanji Flashcards Grade 1/2 240 kanji characters, 130 radicals, 370 total flashcards
Computer Kanji Flashcards Grade 3/4 400 kanji characters, 380 radicals, 780 total flashcards

Computer Kanji Flashcards Grade 5/6 366 kanji characters, 354 radicals, 720 total flashcards


ESL Business Vocabulary Computer Flashcards with audio

ESL Business Vocabulary

Learn English business vocabulary. Be comfortable in the area of business and office. The computer flashcards include audio specially designed for the ESL student to learn new words and phrases.

Mineral Identification Computer Flashcards

Mineral Identification

Learn to identify minerals, crystals, gems, rocks, cut and polished stones, jewelry. Perfect for the rockhound or person who works with crystals and jewelry.

States and Capitals Flashcards

Learn the names of the fifty states and the names of their associated capital cities.

States and Capitals

Human Heart Anatomy Flashcards

The computer flashcards include a diagram of the human heart, highlighting individual parts of the anatomy and quizzing you on the name.

Human Heart

Learn the 50 States

Learn the names of the fifty states of the U.S.. Flashcards include maps with each state highlighted and their names.
50 States Flashcards

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